Entering Middle Grades


What are the requirements and process for Admission?

Admission to Clinton School for Writers and Artists middle school program is based on report card grades, NYS test scores: (Math Levels: 2-4; English Language Arts Levels: 2-4), and a review of attendance & punctuality. We will apply a filter based on these criteria to all students who rank Clinton first on the middle school application. The top 400 students will be invited to an interview event. The same filter will be applied to students with ICT services, with the top 50 students invited to interview. If your child is invited to an interview, you will receive a letter outlining what students can expect to do at the interview. Every student is not guaranteed an interview, even if they rank us first.

Does my child need to submit a portfolio?
We do not require a portfolio, and it will not be scored or used as a criteria for admissions. However, when invited to an interview, we encourage your child to bring a piece of artwork or writing to speak with us about.

How many seats will be available for incoming 6th graders?
We have 99 seats for incoming 6th graders. Twelve of these seats are reserved for students who receive ICT services.

How many grades levels will the school have by 2018-19?
After over 25 years as a middle school, the Clinton School for Writers and Artists began its expansion into a 6-12 school in September 2015 with our inaugural class of 9th graders. Our first graduating class will be in June of 2019. Clinton middle school students have guaranteed entry to our high school.

Where is the school located?
Our school building is located at 10 East 15th Street, just west of Union Square. The building houses both the middle school and high school grades of the Clinton School for Writers and Artists, and opened in September 2015.

What classes do students take?
All students take a full program of English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts (see below), and Physical Education. Students take foreign language classes (Spanish) beginning in 8th grade. All students also take Triple E (which stands for Elective, Enrichment, and Extended Learning); Triple E classes include Creative Writing, Math Challenge, Journalism, Algebra, Math Support, ELA Support, and Ceramics.

How is the school’s focus on arts and writing incorporated?
Arts and writing are integrated into instruction in all subject areas. For instance, students may write poetry in Science, design tessellations in Math, and write and perform monologues in Social Studies. All students take Arts classes five periods per week in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Vocal Music.

My child is strong in Math and Science. Is this school a good choice?
We love Math and Science at Clinton, and our students do well in these subjects. Our students’ standardized test scores in Math are consistently in the top 5% statewide. Our students take a minimum of seven periods of Math and five periods of Science per week, including longer class blocks in the science lab where they conduct hands-on investigations and experiments.

What sports and extracurricular activities do you offer?
We have partnered with Manhattan Youth to provide an incredibly robust after school club system. Our clubs include Winter Festival (performing arts/variety show), Lego robotics, Eco Hawks (environmental & nature), Computer Programming, School Musical, Clinton Post (school newspaper), Clinton Soup (literary magazine), and many more.  For sports, we have programs in volleyball, basketball, track and field, and soccer. Our sports and extracurricular offerings change somewhat from year to year based on student interest.

Does Clinton accept students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans)?
Yes. We have a particularly strong integrated co-teaching (ICT, formerly called CTT) program in our middle school, which will continue into the high school. We have had most success with this model, in which general education content area teachers and special education teachers work in pairs to provide instruction that is fully integrated and accessible to all students. Our ICT model has been recognized as exemplary by Insideschools.org. All students will be given full access to the curriculum. As a small school, we have found it more challenging to provide high-quality SETSS and Related Services without pulling students from core content classes.

Due to the intensive reading and writing that students engage in throughout the curriculum, Clinton will probably not be a good fit for students who have significant difficulty with decoding and/or encoding.  We are more successful in supporting students who struggle with passage comprehension and writing organization.

Students with IEPs will go through the same admissions process as other students.