Meetings 2017–18

Come meet and greet fellow Clinton families!

Our first general PA meeting is Friday, September 15, at 8:15am. Coffee and donuts will be served.

The Clinton Parent Association General Meetings are held in the library, in the mornings at 8:15 am. Please join us! Coffee and donuts will be served and an update will be given by Principal Levin and the PA every month. Please join us!

2017-2018 Parents Association Meeting Schedule* 

Friday, September 15
Friday, October 20
Friday, November 17
Friday, December 15 (in cafeteria, not library)
Friday, January 19
Friday, February 9
Friday, March 16
Friday, April 20
Friday, May 11
Thursday, June 14

*meetings begin at 8:15am and take place in the school library on the first floor. Typically meetings are scheduled on the third Friday of the month. Some meetings are adjusted to accommodate school holidays.  All meetings are subject to change.