There are several ways Clinton and the PA communicates information to parents/guardians. Information is communicated electronically in addition to monthly PA meetings, curriculum night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Monthly Coffees with Jill, and informal parent get togethers. The website has policy and academic information, as well as weekly updates and the school calendar. Principal Levin sends out a weeky “Letter from Levin” with important information for every school family. And the PA will keep everyone updated with an e-newsletter.  Occasionally, the school or PA will send out flyers or mailings, as well as “Robo” calls to your home (automated phone calls). 

How Clinton Communicates:

Clinton Website –
Letter from Levin – Principal Levin’s weekly email
PA Newsletter
Parent Coordinator emails
Parent Coordinator Monthly “Coffee with Jill”
“Robo” Calls – automated calling system
Jupiter Grades
General PA Monthly Meetings
Parent Teacher Conferences
Curriculum Night
Informal parent gatherings

For this reason, it’s vital that families provide accurate and updated email addresses/contact information to the Parent Coordinator for school information and to the  PA for the PA newsletters and all PA-sponsored event information. Contact us HERE.