Registration for Middle School & High School Open Houses Opens Sept. 12th @ 9am

To register, click HERE
Once tickets for a session are “sold out” we will not be placing families on a waitlist. You can wait on a stand-by line on the ‘day-of’ for any Open House session. If we still have capacity once we let ticket-holders in, we will allow people on the stand-by line to enter. Entrance from stand-by is not guaranteed.
2019 Middle School Open House Dates (for 6th grade admissions only)
10/3: 6pm (CLOSED/Sold Out)
10/5: 9am (CLOSED/Sold Out); 11am; 1pm
2019 High School Open House Dates (for 9th & 10th grade admissions)
10/24: 6pm (CLOSED/Sold Out)
10/26: 9am; 11am; 1pm 

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