Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Hope you are having a great Sunday, and if applicable, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Today was the start of outdoor lacrosse practice at Boys and Girls High School, which is just where I wanted to be in the 35-degree morning.
On Tuesday we have Whitney Night for families that have registered. It’s a great opportunity to hear from our student docents and enjoy an almost empty museum. Thanks to the PA, Ms. Antoville and Ms. Krumpus!
Ms. Antoville is running an OPTIONAL field trip the The Brant Foundation to see the Basquiat show on Thursday March 21st at 4pm. Students will leave together from school and walk to the Brant Foundation (421 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009) where they will get a 1-hour tour. Students will need to be picked up from The Brant Foundation or hand in written (email is fine) permission for self-dismissal. There are only 25 spots available. Students who want to attend can send a one paragraph email to Ms Antoville explaining their interest in seeing the show to santoville@theclintonschool.net.
Monday Central has indicated that high school results will be released sometime in late afternoon, to your myschools account. We are very much looking forward to meeting the class of 2023!
Normally we do not see many high demand schools that have open seats in Round 2, and appeals are rarely granted. Thus, my best advice for families of students matched to schools that were not their first choice, is to help them see the strengths of their school for the next four years. Sometimes students get into their minds what we call a deficit model, complaining that something doesn’t have X or Y, or Z. Ok, sometimes adults operate from the same model, maybe it’s not just the kids. Fighting through the negativity is sometimes difficult to do when a teenager has their heart set on something, but it can be done. Dig deep.
Friday upper grades teachers and I are off to Vermont for the third annual ski trip. Can’t wait. It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it. Sorry Kara.
(always check theclintonschool.net for any changes)
March 18th – B Day 
March 19th- C Day- Whitney Night
March 20th – D Day
March 21th – E Day
March 22th- A Day- Vermont Ski Trip