Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Dear Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian,
Hope you are staying warm. Whoosh, was it cold on Friday!
Although the weather was freezing, we had a great time on college day. I appreciated so many of our staff rocking the college gear, getting everyone excited about the prospect of college, and being so enthusiastic. Much thanks to counseling team for pulling it together!
I was very proud to hear so many of our seniors share the great advice they had gotten from members of our Clinton family about the process. It’s sometimes hard to believe that our first graduating class is almost halfway across the goal line!
Last week I enjoyed my time in Freehold at Biotechnology High School, supporting the Spanish team. As an IB school, we are part of GIBS (Guild of IB Schools- Northeast), which facilitates regular roundtables for teachers to discuss their courses. IB courses run on a 5-7 year cycle, after which they are redesigned and the assessments reimagined. It’s the way that education should work, responsive to the world around it, but it makes the challenge of being an IB school even greater. The IB courses for Spanish are beginning anew, and even in another language, I could understand the struggle as teachers began to talk through what the new assessments were asking of students.
We are quickly approaching the end of the semester.
The last day for missing and late work is tomorrow, we have an early release day on Wednesday, and midterms and Regents begin for grades 9-12 next week (Jan 22nd). For the second semester, middle grades students will take music if they have taken visual arts, or vice-versa, 10th grade students will head to economics from government, and there will be some class adjustments in the 9th grade.
There is a parent association meeting this Friday, and an SLT meeting tomorrow. Also next Monday school will be closed to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Calendar (always check theclintonschool.net for any changes)
January 14th- D Day SLT
January 15th- E Day-
January 16th- A Day Early release
January 17th- B Day
January 18th- C Day PA Mtg.