Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Hope you had a great Spring Break.
The Levins were in Florida for a few days, which makes coming back to this last gasp of gray and cold weather a bit easier. It was nice to put school aside for a few days, and focus on getting beat by my boys in tennis, golf and swimming, usually in that order. Lacrosse would result in me test driving our dental plan, so I steer clear of that sport.
As always, we are diving right back into the deep end of the pool! Monday night is a preview of the college process for parents/guardians of 10th graders, facilitated by the counseling team of Tracy and Tim.
Wednesday night we are hosting a Town Hall for the Chancellor on School Diversity and Integration. The focus will be on citywide efforts, sponsored by the School Diversity Advisory Group. See the Invite for 5.1 Town Hall. If you’re coming, and I hope some of you can, please rsvp at: www.tinyurl.com/SDAGmay1 
This Wednesday and Thursday are also the middle school NYS Math Exam.
Since our 8th graders will take the Algebra Regents in June, they will instead take a mock Regents in Algebra and a mock Regents in Earth Science instead. Even if you are heading to a non-Regents high school next year, I strongly encourage your child to take the Regents. I have had multiple families contact me about transferring, either back to Clinton, or to a NYC public school, who regret not having their child take the Regents in 8th grade.
Our first ever round of external IB Exams begin on May 7th!
April 29th- A-Day- Pre-college night for Sophomores
April 30th- B Day
May 1st- C Day- Hosting Town Hall/Math Exam/Stop thinking and start inquiring
May 2nd- D Day- Math Exam
May 3rd- E Day
Important Dates:
May 7th- start of IB Exams
May 10th- 7th grade to Hall of Science
May 15th- Family Fitness Night
May 16th- Clinton Auction