Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



I hope you had a nice long weekend, and were able to enjoy some of the last gasps of summer. 

On Monday we had the first meeting of the School Leadership Team. The SLT is a group that meets monthly, and consists of elected parents, staff and students. The SLT works by consensus, and deals with many of the major issues facing Clinton. I am co-chair of the SLT, along with Michelle Guiterrez, an elected parent. We discussed two issues that I wanted to bring to your attention. 

The first is that the 2016-17 SLT proposed a diversity admissions initiative to the Chancellor, that would prioritize 17% of next year’s 6th grade seats for students that qualify for free/reduced lunch. Ensuring that Clinton is a diverse school is important to the SLT, and they felt strongly that of the possible pilots, this was the right one for Clinton. I want to make you aware as recruitment will continue to be essential for the success of Clinton and this pilot. We know that many 5th (and 8th) grade families make their decision based on what they hear from other parents, so I wanted to make you aware that this pilot is likely to be approved and move forward. Additional information to follow.

The second is that we are convening a subcommittee to examine the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. The purpose of the subcommittee’s work is to examine the viability of moving forward with an application. The MYP is a programme, based on the Diploma Programme, for grades 6-10th. As a 6-12th school, I think it is important to examine ways to ensure that we support students through a unified curriculum. Currently we have one curriculum for the middle school, another for grades 9/10 (Regents) and the Diploma Programme in grades 11/12.

I hope to see you all at the Meet the Teachers Night, this Thursday, September 28th. Jupiter login distribution between 5:30-6, with the presentations to begin at 6 pm.




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September 28th- Meet the Teachers Night 6 pm