Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

Sunday seems to be flying along in its usual fashion. Although the weather isn’t quite cooperating, I hope you are enjoying the additional light as the afternoon wears on. It’s a sure sign that the spring is just around the corner. 

Last week’s protests were inspirational. Having the middle school walkout (but not walk too far), and the upper grades walkout and over to Union Square, was incredible. It was truly a student led protest, and hopefully the start of increased civic engagement. In fact, in a comprehensive “life at Clinton” survey that our students recently completed, the number one answer to “What extracurricular community or society-orientated activities would you like Clinton to offer?” was community service!

Wednesday it was also great to see so many of you at conferences. Please send feedback, good, bad or ugly, to JillBennett@theclintonschool.net as we look ahead to more radical changes for 2018-19.

Last week we also had a group of 25 students visit from Austria. The students, high school seniors, shared that not only do they stay together in the same cohort for five years of high school, they stay in the same room and don’t move around their school!

A quick note that on Friday I received notification that the Chancellor has approved our name change and it’s official…we are The Clinton School! This is just in time because it means that on external communication to the College Board our name will now be accurate. Plus, our Chancellor is about to re-retire and I wanted her to enjoy it without worrying about signing off on our forms.

Our transformation from a small themed middle school, that put all its additional energy and programming power into writing and the arts, into a 6-12 school that is focused on supporting all of the contents, prepares students for the IB, and has joined an international community, is almost complete. One. More. Year. Of. Expansion.

On Monday the SLT will work to revise our mission to ensure that it reflects all the work that we do, and that we now have upper grades students who may become film makers, engineers, doctors, writers, historians, scientists and beyond! Once the mission is revised, we can move forward with thinking more deeply about branding, clarifying some of our messages, and rethinking some of our visuals. 

Tuesday we have IB Evening for families of 9th and 10th graders. Although we speak directly to 10th graders about the IB, and request courses later in the Spring, it’s an important evening for guardians. If your child is in 9th grade, it’s not essential as you can join next year, but it’s more pressing if your child is in 10th grade. 

It’s not that there is magic or mystery that occurs during the course of the night, but you will have some insight into how we program the IB at Clinton, what our expectations are, and how you can best support your child. Plus, you can start to nod knowledgeably when we Team Jeryl uses acronyms like ToK, CAS, DP and EE!

Thursday Evening is Whitney Night. Students will act as docents, and you’ll enjoy a great tour of the galleries. Hope you were able to sign up. Due to space limitations, we only had a few hundred spots, that “sold out” quickly.


Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)
March 19th- B Day- Open House for 8/9th grade students with multiple offers
March 20– C Day- IB Night
March 21st– WED Day SAT/PSAT DAY
March 22nd– D Day- Whitney Night
March 23rd– A Day- Exhaustion sets in