Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

As a downtown New Yorker, passionate cyclist, and someone who loves trying to send tourists in the right direction, this week’s attack left me particularly horrified and upset. Violence to me is always the failure to have something understood/solved in another way, and it’s hard to get to a place where it seems like a good choice. This is especially the case when it the victims were a group of visitors and New Yorkers out enjoying the day. On Wednesday, it was good to see a school full of pre/teenagers, happy to come back to a comforting and familiar group of adults. 

As difficult as Tuesday was, it was balanced out by today. Marathon Sunday is easily one of my favorite days, a time to gather and cheer your heart out for runners you know, and those you don’t. I love seeing the city come alive in the five boroughs, and hope you got an opportunity to see people run. We have multiple marathon alumni on staff, and I’m looking forward to others joining the group.

Monday evening I’m thrilled that Ms. Bruxelles will host a story slam in the library with 10th graders. 10th graders have recently finished writing and performing ancestral identity narratives.  As a closing celebration, a select group of students will be reading/performing their amazing pieces in the library on November 6 from 6-7:30PM in a story slam.    

There will be snacks, coffee, atmosphere, laughter, tears, and just the right amount of angst and reflection for the Monday evening preceding Election Day.    

Teachers, staff, family members, and other students* are highly encouraged to attend and support.  We’d love to see you there.

*Disclaimer: Some stories are rated PG-13. 

Tuesday is Election Day, with no students in attendance. Staff will be reviewing assessment for the first quarter of the year, working with Managebac, an online system that helps us manage Extended Essays in the IB, and learning at the Whitney Museum. This would not be possible without the generous support of the Parents’ Association!




Your Upper grades student needs to check their email. Sure, it’s a pain, but the corporate world, universities and other institutions don’t work on Snapchat!!!!


Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)


November 6th- D Day

November 7th– Election Day. No School. But vote. 

November 8th– A Day

November 9th– B Day- Last Open House of the Year, middle grades

November 10th– C Day