Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

It’s actually a nice weekend and I’m hoping you’ve been able to get out and enjoy. I’m back on the bike, and so happy to get out and see the city. There is absolutely no better trip than up the west side and across the GWB early, before it gets crowded.

Not only it is great to get out, but this week it was heartening to learn that cars have finally been banned from Central Park. I remember working with Transportation Alternatives a short 20 years ago, trying to get that approved, after a fatal cycling accident. 

Last week it was great to see such a huge turnout for the evening Parent Association meeting. Brad Snyder shared his work as a teacher in Theory of Knowledge, a course that all IB Diploma candidates take. It’s an interdisciplinary philosophy course, full of wonder and curiosity. 

Today Tracy Schaffzin, one of our College Counselors, is at the NACAC College Fair at the Jacob Javitz. It’s a remarkable gathering of college representatives under one roof, and many of our students are attending. With college on their mind, this Tuesday 10th graders take the PSAT and 11th graders take the SAT. These exams were rescheduled from the snow day. With so much upper grade testing, the 9th grade will be on a trip, while middle grades classes will continue as usual.

This Wednesday our committees on grading, partnerships, scheduling/programming, advisory and orientation wrap-up their work and I’m looking forward to sharing their thoughts with you in May. 

Have a great week, long may the warm (but not hot) weather last.


Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)
April 23rd A Day
April 24th B Day- PSAT and SAT Day
April 25th Wed Day
April 26th C Day
April 27th– D Day