Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Clinton Guardians–
We continue to wind-down the year, without the winding down part.
Middle grades advisory day is Monday, and middle report cards will be distributed on Thursday. If you will begin your summer before that, please leave a stamped, self-addressed envelop with the main office so we can get your report card to you. Regents Exams have been uneventful, and our juniors are being assessed through IOC’s. For more about the individual oral commentary, see:
It’s hard to believe that I will be saying so long to some of our 8th graders on Friday, when it was clearly just yesterday that they opened our brand new building as 6th graders! Congrats in advance as they step-up and step-out! I hope to be off jury duty so I can shake their hands in person.
I hope you are enjoying a day away from Clinton. I am pleased that the DoE is honoring Eid al-Fitr for the first time in its calendar. Clinton’s commitment to a truly inclusive community, that ensures that all students and families are welcome, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity, is unwavering.
We continue to consider how we use the classroom as a place to explicitly support learning around tolerance, supporting upstanders instead of bystanders, and fight ignorance and injustice. I am pleased that the IB organization has its own efforts underfoot, and we will look closely at how we can best leverage our partnership.
I am also looking forward to more actively engaging families and parents directly in this effort. In addition to our social and emotional work, it has come time to directly engage families in conversations around race, equity and social justice. I am looking forward to sitting down with our new co-PA’s presidents to help plan these efforts through the 2018-19 school year.
I want to thank Lynn Cohen and Joon Song for all their efforts on behalf of Clinton, and indeed the entire executive board of the PA, whose ideas and support have been terrific through the year. You are loyal beyond belief, and have helped us move to full scale next year.
Sadly, this work will begin without Jill Bennett, who is moving to start a new chapter in her work with the DoE. The Clinton vacancy for parent coordinator will officially post in July, so if you are interested in possibly joining our team, please look for the notification of the posting in the next few weeks. The perks include an elevator pass, bagels on Friday, an inside line on my jokes, which will only tire in year three, and spending time year-round with the best kids on the planet.
Reminder for parents of current 7th grade students
IB and beyond!! Your child and high school- June 20th at 6 pm
At Clinton, we support students and their families that want to stay for the IB, and those who want to try for Specialized schools, portfolio schools, and other NYC public high schools. Over the years we have found that it’s helpful to have an evening at the end of the year, to give you plenty of information before the summer. Please join us June 20th at 6 pm.
This evening is for adults.
We will repeat this presentation in the Fall, when your child is an 8th grader. The application is normally due December 1st, and the registration for SHSAT exam and audition schools int he Fall, so you may find June evening helpful before you leave us for the summer.
If you are not able to attend, the “deck” will be posted online. High school books have gone home, but are available at:
Jon, Cheryl, Allison and Hayley
This week
 June 18th– C Day Advisory Day- Middle grades
June 19th– D DayRegents Upper
June 20th– Wed
June 21th– A Day- Report cards distributed, middle
June 22th– B Day – Stepping up 8th grade!