Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Dear Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian
A quick note before I get on to conferences that Ms. Goodman, our IB Film and Theater teacher, has resigned for personal reasons. We wish her the best. Luckily, Ms. Ehrlich is the co-teacher of both IB Courses, has attended the IB Workshops in those contents, and has an arts degree from NYU. We expect a seamless transition over the next few weeks.
Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! I survived four games of lacrosse in NJ, with a game time temp of 32 degrees, and 24 hours later am thoroughly defrosted.
Looking forward to seeing many of you at tomorrow’s Parent Association Meeting, evening edition! If you have trouble meeting the day ones, now is your chance! Plus, after three days with your child, I know you’re ready to hang out with other adults…
Looking ahead, Parent Conferences are coming in two weeks on November 29th. We hold afternoon and evening conferences on the same day, so this will be a half day for all students.
For conferences, about half of our grades have migrated to student led conferences with their advisor. It’s a better model. Instead of speaking with a teacher, returning home to interrogate a teenager who denies much of what the teacher says, only to have you wonder which is the version of reality that is true, your child will be present. Even better, we are forcing them to do much of the work ahead of time to review their grades, pick our areas of strength, and also classes that they would like to focus on in the months ahead.
Last year we piloted this model with 11th grade and it was our second year with 8th grade. Like all successful pilots, we will expand it, and this year 8th, 10th and 11th grade will have student led conferences, many of them directly with your child advisors.
For grades that are not doing student led conferences, we will provide 2-3 slots for parents to sign up with teachers, using schoolbookings.net. You cannot see every teacher, the math would not work out. Our teachers work with between 90-280 students, far from the 25 students in the elementary school model.
Your child’s teacher will not think any less of you because you did not come to see them. We know you are good parents, or as my boys would say, doing the best that you can.
By forcing you to choose, we ask that you prioritize the classes where your child needs support, or you are unsure how to support them. If you cannot attend conferences, a reminder that most classes have google classroom, where materials are virtually posted.
In addition, every teacher has office hours at least once a week, where students can get help. Some of the students are in during lunch, and Chipotle is closed for renovations, so remind them to take advantage!
We will have some open, “drop in” slots if you’re particularly concerned about a class. All other grades will migrate to student led conferences, with advisors, in the spring.
8th grade parents
In ART NEWS, 8th graders are preparing for their annual Whitney trips. The following classes will be going to see The Warhol Show on the following dates, all Tuesdays when the museum is closed which makes for a VERY COOL, PRIVATE experience. 
Ms Antoville is looking for 3 parents of 8th grade parents per class to walk with students from school to the museum, attend the tour, and then walk back. 
We will be gone from around 930am to 1230pm. 
807- Tues, 11.27
808- Tues, 12.11
809- Tue, 12.18
Please email Ms Antoville @ santoville@theclintonschool.net if you are available to chaperone. 
Also if you have any magazines, newspapers or the plastic that fresh dry cleaning comes in, please bring it it for upcoming projects!