Letters from Levin

Jonathan Levin



Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —
Remember that this is an abbreviated week, with students (citywide) not having school on June 8th. During that day off, ask your child to review Jupiter and complete all missing assignments. The last day for late work for middle grades in June 9th. The last day for upper grades depends on the assignment and teacher, so please ask your child to check with their teacher. 

Last week we had the first induction for Honor Society. It was a huge honor for me to say a few works about our students in the upper grades who were selected. I know that many of those same students will serve as the backbone for our diploma candidates next year in the IB.

Thursday, Cheryl and I also walked 7th grade families through the high school process, and gave them an overview of our upper grades program. This presentation will be repeated after the PA meeting on Friday morning in case you were not able to make it. Please note that if your child is in 6th grade, you are at least a year early, and should not attend. 

At the PA meeting the scheduling committee will also present the schedule for next year for 2017-18, and will answer questions. Come if you can. 

Thursday night was also opening night for our middle grades musical, 1776. Amazing. Thanks to all the parent/guardian support in sets, lighting, snacks, and guiding our students forward.

Tomorrow is the 8th grade science exam for all students. They are well-prepared. Regents coming up!




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

June 5th- 2,3 Musical 

June 6th- 7th grade Info Session

June 7th- Fitness Night

June 8th- No students!!

June 9th- 6th grade to Bronx Zoo


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