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Individuals & Societies

The end goal of our Individuals & Societies curriculum, from 6-12, is to develop critical readers, writers, and thinkers who can see complex issue from multiple perspectives while building their own.  In ninth grade, students continue their study of U.S. history and government.  The course concludes with the NYS Regents exam. Sophomores study participation in government and economics. Juniors and seniors study one of two possible courses in the International Baccalaureate program: global politics or world history.  By the end of 12th grade, students are able to make sense of political, social, and economic developments in the world by searching for answers to their own questions, appreciating that there may not be one correct point of view in any situation, and conducting in-depth evaluation of historical sources.


Our students will be stepping into adulthood in a world that changes dramatically at an ever-quickening pace.  The science courses at Clinton are designed to help students construct knowledge of the natural world, as well as learn how to engage in the process of scientific discovery.  Every science class has a lab once a week in order to provide more time for students to work on inquiry-based and hands-on laboratory experiments.

The science course sequence for the upper grades is living environment, chemistry, and a two-year science IB course. Our program is designed to develop scientific thinkers who approach problems, learning, and design with strong, critical minds.  We feel it is our responsibility to provide students with a foundation of scientific knowledge and skills that will give them multiple options when considering the career path they will pursue.


Our focus revolves around developing a deep understanding of algebra, geometry, statistics and the foundational concepts of calculus. Our classes frequently involve difficult contextual problems that challenge students to apply their mathematical knowledge in new ways. This can lead to frustration and a sense of uncertainty, but it is our strong belief that the deepest learning happens through supported struggle.  Our central hope is that students show perseverance when attempting problems. Our classes center around collaboration and group discussion as we believe that students learn best from each other.

By the conclusion of tenth grade, all students will have completed algebra and geometry courses.  In eleventh and twelfth students will move into the International Baccalaureate program and have the choice of coursework that focuses on abstract concepts that are foundational to higher level calculus courses or coursework that focuses on applied mathematics through statistics and introductory calculus.

English Language Arts

Our ELA courses spiral across the grade levels, meaning that all courses are designed using the Common Core as a foundation.  At each grade level, students read, write, and discuss a wide variety of genres and all grade levels study a piece by Shakespeare.

9th – 12th Grades 

Students are studying U.S. history in 9th grade, and so their first ELA high school level course weaves American literature with a strong focus on the craft of writing.  This gives them a deeper context for understanding the development of the American identity.  In preparation for their two-year world history course in 11th and 12th grades, students in our 10th grade course explore the literature of peace and conflict. They apply their craft to make sense of writings from a range of time periods and places, and they continue to develop their own voice and interests as a writer.  At the end of 10th grade, our students will sit for the NYS ELA Regents.