Hawk Habits

The Clinton staff has developed a foundational set of habits that lead to success as a student during and beyond school. These “Hawk Habits” are universal throughout the community. They are also a valued part of the curriculum and, as such, growth in these habits is incorporated into students’ grades in each class. The three following Hawk Habits are developed and assessed in all grades:


Be an active and attentive learner.

Pay attention during the lesson.

Contribute to discussions.

Devote mental energy to listening for understanding.


Be present.

Be on time.

Have the materials you need.

This is YOUR education. OWN IT.

Time Management

Keep a calendar of HW and due dates in your planner.

Plan out when you will get your work done.

Complete your work and turn it in on time.

Also, not reflected in grades, but valued by the Clinton community:


Stick to it!

Stay with a task through to completion; remain focused.

Look for ways to reach your goals when you get stuck.

Don’t give up – some tasks require extra effort.

Intellectual Curiosity

Ask meaningful questions.

Step outside of your comfort zone in order to learn more, even if it means standing out or being different.


Think about your thinking.

Notice how you plan to complete a learning task, monitor your progress, and evaluate the results.

Be aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings, and actions and their effects on your learning, on others, and on your physical environment.