Arts at Clinton



This year, students will have an overview of Western Music History from Gregorian Chant to today’s radio. They will also be learning the ins and outs of general composition and creating their own short musical creations. Students also have the opportunity for extra credit through a live in-class performance or a short presentation accompanying an approved recording. There is a large emphasis throughout the semester on ear training, Kodaly hand signs and solfa, and learning through listening, creating, and discussion. Encourage your students to listen to all sorts of music and talk about it with them!


Visual Arts

Our mission is to enhance student achievement through an arts-integrated program. Our arts curriculum is aligned to the New York City Blueprint for the ArtsThe Common Core ELA and Literacy and the New York State Arts Standards.

Exploring the Elements of Art – Artist as Observer

In visual arts students are introduced to the basic elements of art; line, shape, form, color, texture, space and value/tone. Students begin thinking about and discussing what art is and how they use it. We then move into a rigorous drawing unit that culminates in our Pop Art Campbell’s Soup Cans drawings. Students then learn about Picasso and Cubism and create Cubist collage self portraits. The final project varies from year to year and is done in conjunction with another content. Previous projects have included Greek Theater clay masks based on the play Antigone. 

Exploring Art through Identity – Artist as Critic
Students explore the arts through the theme of identity. Students are exposed to a variety of different media including painting, printmaking and of course drawing. We begin by completing a more complex unit on the elements of art and a review of drawing techniques. We work on surrealist self portraits while studying the work on Frida Kahlo. We study linear perspective and work on monochromatic self portraits.  We write artist statements in preparation for next years high school applications.

Exploring the Mediums of Art – Artist as Experimenter
Students work on more mixed media projects. Past projects have included giant Post-it Note murals, illustrated limericks in the style of Shel Silverstein, create your own font projects, positive message font posters inspired by the work of Anthony Burril and our Forty Faces project where students stamp thumbprints with paint, find faces in the thumbprints and create a background about that character.

Here are some examples of visual art created by Clinton students: