Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is a value we hold and take seriously. Clinton students are expected to complete their own assignments. Students may not engage in the following activities:

  • copying homework or test answers from other students
  • having another student tell them what to write
  • turning in writing that others have published without attributing the work to the author.

If it is determined by administration or teachers that a student has copied work, from classmates or others, the following will happen for the FIRST OFFENSE only:

  • A parent-student-administration meeting will be convened. At this meeting, the student will explain why he or she chose to copy work so that we can determine what supports, if any, are needed in order for the student to demonstrate the targeted content understanding or skill.
  • The student will not receive a grade for the work turned in.
  • The student will be required to complete the assignment again, with any supports needed, for a grade of 85% at most.

If a student engages in academic dishonesty a second time, he or she will receive a Principal’s Suspension, which does go on his or her record. Again, we strongly encourage students to seek help from the teacher if there is any confusion about whether or not a piece of work should be cited or is he or she does not understand class lessons or assignments.

We have found that some students do not take full advantage of their own work and resources because they are concerned about violating the academic honesty policy. Below are actions that are considered good student skills, not academic dishonesty (and if you are ever unsure you can always ask your teacher):

  • Using your class notes and/or previous homeworks as a reference to study for a test or complete current homework. (Please do this – it’s why teachers have you take notes!)
  • Studying with a classmate by quizzing each other.
  • Talking through homework problems by explaining your thinking and asking your classmate to explain his or her thinking.