If you have a specific question, please use the following id’s to determine the best person on our administrative staff to contact. 

Specific Questions:

Administrative Middle Grades

  • Attendance for middle grades (6th – 8th)
  • Metrocards and Busing
  • Blue cards
  • Immunizations
  • Records requests
  • School Account information & login
  • Early Pick-up Sign-out for grades 6-8: Seventh Floor

Brown, Marie

School Secretary/Attendance
212-524-4360 ext. 3032

Administrative Upper Grades

  • Attendance for upper grades (9th and up)
  • Forms 
Lockers & Locks
  • School photos
  • Permission slips
  • Lost and found

  • Messages for students to receive during the day
  • Early Pick-up Sign-out for upper grades (9th and up): Third floor (Except between 11:25-12:20; then go to 7th floor for sign-out)

Vargas, Delia

Forms / Lunch
212-524-4360 ext. 3033

College Counselor

  • College admissions
  • Social/emotional health for upper grades (9th and up)

David-Lang, Tim

Upper Grades School Counselor

Schaffzin, Tracy

Upper Grades School Counselor
212-524-4360 ext 3193

Middle School Guidance

  • Test accommodations
  • Bullying / Harassment
  • High school admissions
  • Social/emotional health for middle grades (6th – 8th)
  • 504 forms (valid one year only)

Holtman, Allison

Middle Grades School Counselor
212-524-4360 ext 7052