IB-Friendly Schools

Generous Credit Awards for Receiving of an IB Diploma


Albertson College of Idaho

For a Diploma Score of 28 or higher, 30 credits are granted.

Alfred University

Alfred University will grant up to one year of credit (30 semester hours) for students who have earned an International Baccalaureate diploma with a score of 24 or higher

Alma College

Alma College awards 32 credits to students who earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Ball State University

Ball State University awards up to 30 semester credits equivalent to approximately one academic year of study to students who receive the full IB diploma and have earned grades of 5 or better in their three higher level subjects. 

Bard College

A student with IB Diploma may be allowed to accelerate for up to 32 credits (normal full year) at the time of Moderation if the Moderation board so recommends.

Barnard College

For the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the number of credits listed is granted, up to a maximum of 30. Students who do not have the diploma will receive 6 Barnard points for each Higher Level examination score of 5 or higher. A Diploma Score of 30 or higher is needed to qualify for these 30 credits. Also, first year requirements must be met. The awarding of credits bypasses the sophomore year’s worth of credits.

Bradford College 

Located in Haverhill, MA. Up to 30 semester credit hours may be granted for those earning the IB Diploma.


Bryn Mawr College

 Students with the Diploma can receive:

  • With marks of 30 or above and honor scores** in three Higher
  • Level subjects: a full year of credit;
  • With marks of 35 and above but with fewer than three honor scores

in Higher Level exams: 2 units for each honor score plus 2 units for the exam as a whole Bucknell University In Lewisburg, PA for every examination with a 5 or higher receives 6 credits (Diploma students only)

Crossroads College 

 Located in Rochester, MN, Crossroads College awards academic credit for IB examinations. Students with scores of 4 or above may receive 6 semester hours of credit for Higher Level exams and 3 semester hours of credit for Standard Level exams. A student may receive a maximum of 36 hours of credit by examination.

Defiance College

Credit for the full IB Diploma is awarded as follows:
Minimum IB Score of a

29 or above 24 hours
28 points 21 hours
27 points 18 hours
26 points 15 hours
25 points 12 hours
24 points 9 hours

Drake University, Des Moines, IA.

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma will received approximately one year of credit toward graduation.

Drury University, Springfield, Missouri

Drury University affirms the intellectual rigor of the International Baccalaureate diploma program in distinct and tangible ways. The program’s depth and breadth of focus, commitment to serious scholarship, and global perspective mirrors the values central to the mission of Drury University. In recognition of the challenging character of the IB Diploma program, successful baccalaureate recipients receive both an IB Scholarship and college credit according to the following guidelines:

Score of 28……30 credit hours
Score of 27……25 credit hours
Score of 26……20 credit hours
Score of 25……15 credit hours
Score of 24……10 credit hours

Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

Evergreen will award up to 45 college credits for IB work, based on a minimum of 3 higher level subject marks and 3 standard level marks, with scores of 4 or better Fashion Institute of Technology Students who take IB courses and receive grades of 4 or higher may be awarded up to 30 semester hours of transfer credit upon receipt of the official IB transcripts.

Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton

Students who have been awarded the IB Diploma will be awarded up to thirty (30) semester credits

Florida Atlantic University – Wilkes Honors College

The Honors College awards up to seven (7) IB Honor Scholarships of $20,000 ($5000 per year) to incoming freshmen who complete the IB Diploma Program and have been recommended by their IB counselor and/or coordinator.

Florida Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers

For diploma and no-diploma holders, students with IB scores of 4 or higher on IB exams will be awarded up to 30 semester hours of credit in FGCU courses. IB Diploma holders will have the opportunity to apply to FGCU’s Honors Program (which includes priority registration, honors scholarships, priority housing, book stipends, and select Honors classes.)

Florida State University – Tallahassee

Florida State University recognizes the IB credential and may award up to 30 semester hours for the IB Diploma.

Franklin Pierce College – Rindge, NH

The College will offer up to one year of credit to holders of IB Diplomas.

Franklin and Marshall College – Lancaster, PA

IB Diploma recipients with a total score of 30 or more are awarded 8 course credits (one full year) toward a degree at Franklin and Marshall. Students who have an IB Diploma normally enter the college with sophomore standing.

Goucher College – Baltimore, MD

In addition to recognizing the rigor of the IB curriculum in the admissions review process, completion of a full IB curriculum may result in sophomore standing.

Hofstra University – Hempstead, NY

Students in the full International Baccalaureate program may receive up to 30 credits. In order to receive the full 30 credits the following conditions must be met: The International Baccalaureate diploma must be completed with a score of 30 or more points and the student must complete at least 3 higher level examinations with a score of 5 or higher.

Hood College – Frederick, MD

Students who have received an IB Diploma, with a score of 30 or higher and with no score less than 4 in any one of the six examination groups, may be awarded up to 30 credits toward an undergraduate degree at Hood College.

Lafayette College – Easton, PA

The full IB Diploma may qualify the holder for sophomore (second year) standing and additional course credit.

Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College recognizes the rigor of the IB Diploma Program and will consider Diploma candidates for advanced standing. It is possible to receive up to a full year’s credit.

SUNY Binghamton

Students in the Diploma Program may receive up to 32 credits. To receive the full 32 credits, the following conditions must be met:

  • The IB Diploma must be completed with a score of 30 or more points; and
  • The student must complete at least three Higher Level exams with a score of 5 or higher.

Diploma holders who meet these conditions receive credit for their individual exam scores plus additional liberal arts elective credit to total to 32 credits.

SUNY College at Geneseo

Geneseo awards a maximum of 30 semester hours for achievement in college-level International Baccalaureate coursework completed.


SUNY New Paltz

The State University at New Paltz gives a full 30 credits for the IB Diploma where it is awarded. A Diploma score of 24 meets this requirement.

SUNY – College at Oswego

SUNY Oswego welcomes IB Diploma students and will consider their IB Higher Level courses with a grade of 4 or better for advanced standing. Students may receive a maximum of 30 semester hours, approximately a year of study.

SUNY – College at Plattsburgh – Plattsburgh

Students may receive a maximum of 30 semester hours if the IB diploma has been completed.

SUNY – Purchase College

Students receiving the IB Diploma would receive the maximum of 30 credits.

Towson University

Students who earn an IB Diploma will be eligible for sophomore standing and will be awarded 30 college credits toward their Bachelor’s degree. Some of these credits may also be applicable toward Towson’s general education requirements; each student’s IB credits will be individually evaluated for general education applicability.

University of Chicago

Students may receive up to a year’s worth of credit in a given subject for scores of 6 or 7 on the higher level exams.

University of Tampa – Tampa, FL

The University of Tampa offers exceptional benefits to students who complete an IB Diploma or Certificates:

  • Admission to the University of Tampa is guaranteed for IB Diploma holders.
  • Sophomore standing is available for students with IB Diploma scores of 30 or higher.
  • Annually renewable merit scholarships of up to $7500 are awarded to students with IB GPAs of 3.2 or higher and appropriate test scores. An additional $500 award is available for IB Diploma recipients. Other state, federal and university aid is available for qualified students.
  • IB Diploma holders and those students with a minimum of three higher level IB passes will receive an automatic invitation to the UT Honors Program with its opportunities for undergraduate research, study abroad, Washington, DC internships, independent studies and enrichment tutorials.

University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa encourages students to work toward the IB Diploma, and our policy grants sophomore standing to students who complete the full Diploma with a score of 28 points or more.

Further, we give credit to all students who earn the IB Diploma with scores of 24 to 27 points on the following scale:

We also offer an annual scholarship renewable for up to a total of 4 years for completion of an undergraduate degree to students who complete all work toward the IB Diploma with a high school grade point average of 3.0 or above. This scholarship is offered consistent with the rules and guidelines of the Financial Aid office, which be should be contacted for full details.

Washington College – Chestertown, MD

Students who earn the IB Diploma and who receive grades of 5, 6 or 7 in the higher level examinations may receive up to a full year of credit.

IB Total Score Minimum Credit

24 10 hours
25 15 hours
26 20 hours
27 25 hours
28 30 hours (sophomore standing)



Generous Reward of an IB Certificate with a Certain Grade Score


American University

American University awards credit for IB Higher level examinations passed successfully with a grade of 4 or better.

Students usually earn 6-8 credits per exam, depending on the subject. Contact the Office of Admissions for more specific information.

Bethany College

International Baccalaureate Program (IB) credit is granted at Bethany College for Higher Level examination scores of 4 or better in all International Baccalaureate subjects to a maximum of 32 semester hours of combined CLEP, AP, and IB credit.

Bethel College

Will award up to 8 credits per Higher Lever examination grade of 5, 6 or 7

Boston University

Students receive credit for a higher level exam with scores of 5, 6 or 7. A maximum of 8 credits, the equivalent of two courses, will be awarded for each higher level exam.

Cornell University

Students can receive anywhere from 3 to 8 credits depending on the Higher Level subject area taken for score of 6 -7’s.

C. W. Post, L.I.U Will award up to 6 credits per IB test with a grade of 4 and above
Defiance College – Defiance, Ohio

Students, who have received IB certificates by taking individual IB courses, may also receive credit according to the following scores: IB score 4 on HL = 3-4 semester hrs IB score 6 on HL = 6-8 semester hrs IB score 5 on SL = 3-4 semester hrs

George Mason University

George Mason recognizes the IB Program and awards credit for scores of 4, 5, 6 and 7 on the higher level (and some standard level) exams. To receive credit for Higher Level Exams, students must notify the IB Organization and have scores sent directly to the Admissions Office at George Mason University. Please refer to the chart below for credit.

Hood College – Frederick, MD

Students will receive up to 6-8 credits for Higher Level examination results of 5, 6, or 7 on a case-by-case basis.

Ithaca College – Ithaca, NY

Students will receive 6-8 credits per Higher Level examination for scores ranging from 4-7

New York University

IB higher level examinations passed with grades of 5 or above may be accepted for credit and/or placement depending on the area of study and/or program requirements. Typically, 8 semester hours of credit (equivalent to two terms or one academic year of a specific subject) will be awarded for each higher level examination meeting the requirements of NYU.

SUNY Stony Brook

Stony Brook University will award six credits for International Baccalaureate higher level exams with scores of 5 or better for year long courses.

University of Chicago

Students may receive up to a year’s worth of credit in a given subject for scores of 6 or 7 on the higher level exams.



Scholarships for IB Graduates


University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT, USA)

Offering academic merit scholarships ranging from $12,000-$22,000 for IB program students who have taken the SAT or ACT exams. IB students interested in the scholarship will be expected to submit their academic transcripts, score exams and all necessary admissions documents to be considered for the scholarship. All awards are renewable yearly based on satisfactory academic achievement and good standing at the University.

Kansas State University

Provides IB graduates who are enrolled as incoming freshmen with the opportunity for a $1,000 scholarship after receiving their IB Diploma. Students seeking this supplemental scholarship should provide official IB transcripts to the Kansas State University Office of Financial Assistance.

University of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK, USA)

Offering a $3,000 IB International Baccalaureate Scholarship Award for IB Diploma recipients. IB graduates seeking this scholarship must submit their final exam results to the university proving the IB Diploma was awarded. The scholarship may be awarded for eight semesters with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Missouri State University (Springfield, MO, USA)

IB Graduates may be eligible for merit-based financial aid. Students applying for admission by mid-January and receiving their IB Diploma will qualify for the Missouri State University Board of Governors scholarship of $5,000 per year ($20,000 over four years).

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX, USA)

IB Graduates may be eligible for merit-based financial aid based on their exam score.

Upon receipt of your exam results, Southern Methodist University will award varying amounts of financial assistance. Award Amounts: 30-34 $4,000, 35-39 $8,000, 40 and above $12,000.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA, USA)

Listed as a tier 1 university in the United States, will award select IB graduates with scholarships. IB graduates with an exam score of 40 or greater are guaranteed a $20,000 merit scholarship.

Northern Arizona University

IB Graduates may be eligible for a $5,000 renewable scholarship through the President’s IB Scholarship.

New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA

Offers students who have earned the International Baccalaureate diploma a $500 per year Tuition Grant.

Texas Tech University

Offers incoming freshmen Presidential Scholarship consideration. Scholarship application submission deadline is 1 February 2015 (Updatad 24 October 2014).

Savannah College of Art and Design

Offering scholarships from of $3,000 USD to $15,000 USD for IB Diploma recipients.

The scholarship award is based on final IB Diploma scores. To be considered for this award, IB Diploma recipients must earn a minimum score of 27.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Offers out of state applicants an opportunity to receive up to $50,000 in scholarships. In addition, all IB Diploma candidates may apply for the George Beadle Scholarship for an award of $14,500 per year.

Western Oregon University

IB Diploma recipients with a score of 30 or higher receive both Guaranteed Admission to WOU and the Provost’s Achievement Scholarship, a renewable four-year award of $2,500 per year. Students are required to submit ACT (including writing) or SAT scores for placement purposes.

University of Alabama, Birmingham

Students who have been admitted for the fall and notified the school of their candidacy for the IB Diploma, are eligible to submit results and receive a $2,500 scholarship.

William Jewell College, in Liberty, Missouri

Provides distinguished IB alumni with a merit scholarship valued at $17,000. This scholarship is awarded based on academics, service, leadership, talent and co-curricular activities. This scholarship is awarded to students in March.

Monmouth College

IB diploma holders from outside of the United States may be eligible for one of Monmouth College’s Merit Scholarships for International Baccalaureate Students. These scholarships have a minimum value of $10,000 USD per year and are eligible for renewal for up to three additional years of study.

Texas State University San Marcos

IB Diploma candidates may qualify for one of Texas State University’s assured scholarships valued at up to $8,000/year. Applications are not necessary and students meeting the qualifications will automatically be awarded scholarships.

Middle Tennessee State University

Prospective year two students (seniors) in the IB Diploma Programme to apply for a $1,000/year scholarship. To be eligible, IB students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 Junior year, anticipate graduating with an IB Diploma, and submit an application to attend Middle Tennessee State University along with official transcripts.

Columbia College, in Columbia, Missouri, USA

Awarding $4,000 scholarships to IB Diploma holders meeting select criteria. These scholarships are renewable for a total of $16,000 over four years. To be considered for this scholarship, IB graduates must receive their IB Diplomas and must have grades greater than or equal to scores that will transfer in as Columbia College credit.

Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina

IB graduates may be eligible for a $5,000 renewable scholarship based on their IB diploma, SAT/ACT score, and GPA.

Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)

Awarding scholarships to IB diploma holders who scored 30 or higher on their exam. The IB Scholarships from Oregon State University are $3,000/year and renewable. In order to be considered, students must present OSU with official transcripts as soon as possible.

University of Oregon international

IB Diploma holders may qualify for the University of Oregon’s International Dean’s Excellence Award (IDEA) for New International Students. International students applying by January 15 are automatically considered for awards between $6,000-$8,000 USD, renewable based on performance.

Pacific University

IB graduates enrolled to begin classes at Pacific University (Oregon, USA), may be eligible for an additional $3,000 USD scholarship for receiving an IB Diploma. IB graduates scoring a 30 or more are eligible to receive the University’s IB Achievement Scholarship and may qualify for other merit scholarships.

The University of Rochester, (Rochester, NY, USA)

Awards select IB Diploma graduates with its International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship. This award is an acknowledgment of hard work and determination underwent by many IB graduates. The university says, “The IB Diploma Programme prepares ideal candidates to take advantage of the unique University of Rochester learning environment.”

University of Dubuque

Offers a wide variety of merit scholarships, awards, and grants that support the University’s Mission while recognizing academic achievement, commitment to community service, and demonstrated leadership. This includes a half-tuition merit scholarship.

Whitworth University

Automatically considers first-year international undergraduate students (freshmen) for four potential scholarships based on IB HL exam scores. These renewable four year schoalrships include
the Mind & Heart Scholarship: $22,000,
Presidential Scholarship: $20,000,
Trustee Scholarship: $18,000,
or the Whitworth Scholarship: $16,000.

The University of Tampa

Offers exceptional benefits to students who complete the full IB diploma. U.S. citizens are eligible for annual renewable merit scholarships of up to $15,000 with IB GPA’s of 3.2 or higher and appropriate test scores. An additional $1,000 award is available for IB diploma recipients.

At Drew University  High achieving IB students are eligible for merit scholarships, ranging from $15,000 – $25,000 per year (for four years). On top of merit awards, your CAS portfolio may be submitted for review when you apply for the Civic Engagement scholarship.
Mississippi State University

IB Diploma candidates interested may be eligible for one of many scholarships specifically for IB Diploma holders. These range in value from $6,000 USD to $14,000 USD.





Some Colleges that Award Sophomore Standing for IB Diploma

  • Florida State University
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Goucher College
  • Harvard College
  • Hood College
  • Lawrence University
  • SUNY Binghamton
  • Towson University